About Us

With more than 32,000 product types organized into 15 primary product groups, Aydoğdular Makina can satisfy all of the requirements of production, contracting, construction, and material companies.

Your Business Solutions Partner for
more than 40 years…

Since 1978, the family company Aydoğdular Makina Tesisat İnşaat ve Boru Ekleme Parçaları San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti. has been selling plumbing and construction supplies.

The commercial activities, which initially began in Karaköy Perşembe Market, have grown over time and now maintain their strong position in the industry with the production of flanges and pipe fittings under the AYDO brand under the central management and sales units and group companies in Dudullu. With its export breakthroughs, it keeps working to have a voice internationally.

In addition to providing our customers with high-quality goods from the leading brands in the industry, the quality of our customer service has given us a voice in the field. The most significant differences that cause our customers to prefer us are our wide product selection, delivery from stock, quick shipping, problem-solving, and after-sales support.

Machinery and Machine Parts

We sell machineries and machine parts of all brands.

Hand tools

All necessary hand tools for repair and renovation are provided.

Plumbing Materials

All types of plumbing materials and auxiliary components are sold.

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Our Mission

Our primary goal is to satisfy all types of needs in the construction and building materials sales industry with a product line that is constantly growing. To give our customers the best service possible, we continue to make investments in continuous improvement.

Our Vision

With a broad selection of products and customer-focused services, Aydoğdular Makina strives to be a leading plumbing and technical material market in the industry.

Our Values

The major factors of our organization’s success in the industry for its nearly 40-year history are the values it has adopted.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

The foundation of Aydoğdular Makina’s customer satisfaction policy is “Customer Orientation.” With the help of our skilled professionals, we evaluate the needs and goals of our clients, make the necessary process improvements, and work to develop long-lasting relationships with them.

We follow the terms of the service provided to the customer and the changing expectations for continuity. Making sure there is not even the slightest bit of dissatisfaction is our top priority. With the knowledge, we have collected over the years and the assistance of our team of experts, we strive to turn all of our competencies into satisfied clients.

Aydogdular Makina approaches potential complaints using the values of transparency, confidentiality, and objectivity. Our main objective is to reduce potential losses from a professional standpoint.

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